Monday, June 29, 2020

Re: Security Vulnerabilities with GWT

On Monday, June 29, 2020 at 12:57:41 PM UTC+2, Priya Kolekar wrote:

Hi All,

Security Vulnerability have been detected in gwt-dev.jar & gwt-servlet.jar(in release 2.8.2) & are reported by Dependency checker tool.

Below are the details -

Gwt-dev.jar -
1.1 Vulnerable version of jetty library(current version-- 9.2.14, available version -9.2.27+ )

Dev servers only listen on by default, which already limits the attack surface a lot.
I don't know the details of the vulnerabilities, but I suspect many would be hard to exploit in a dev environment, even if you opened your dev servers to other machines on your network.
1.2 Vulnerable version of commons-collections(current version - 3.2.1)

This is all related to Java Object Serialization. GWT does not use serialization across the network AFAICT (some objects are serialized to disk as a persistent cache, but then they're not vulnerable)
1.3 Vulnerable version of org.apache.httpcomponents:httpclient(current version - 4.3.1)

HttpClient is a dependency of HtmlUnit, it'll only be used during your GWTTestCase tests (if you run them with HtmlUnit)
1.4 Vulnerable version of Google Protobuf(current version - 2.5.0, available version - 3.4.0)

This ( is a false positive: it's actually in the C++ version.

1.5  Vulnerable version of htmlunit ( current version - 2.19 , available version- 2.37)

You're only vulnerable if you load untrusted third-party scripts within your GWTTestCase tests (and you use HtmlUnit to run them)

Gwt-servlet.jar -
        1.1 Vulnerable version of Google Protobuf(current version - 2.5.0, available version - 3.4.0)

As said in my other message, this is an "internal" dependency (and probably never used for serialization/deserialization of protobuf objects), and as seen above, the vulnerability actually is in Protobuf C++, not Protobuf Java.

Given above vulnerabilities -
1. Are those security issues addressed in latest 2.9.0 release?
2. If no, is there a plan to include them in any future release say 3.x?
3. As we know that gwt-dev.jar is used for development purpose & can be flagged as false positive, still are there any attack surfaces exists?

Given the above, I'd say no.

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