Monday, August 20, 2018

Unable to parse CSS - GWT

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to code a web app using GWT 2.7
I managed to create a workbench that contains a table (Grid)
When I try to compile and test it locally,
I got the following error message:
    [java]                      [ERROR] Unable to parse CSS
[ERROR] Line 32: Failed to resolve 'com.arkea.methodes.gxt3.theme.client.base.container.Css3HBoxLayoutContainerAppearance.Css3HBoxLayoutContainerResources' via deferred binding
     [java]          Computing all possible rebind results for 'com.arkea.methodes.gxt3.theme.client.base.toolbar.Css3ToolBarAppearance.Css3ToolBarResources'

Can someone help me please!

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