Monday, August 13, 2018

Add Mouse Events for Canvas Drawing


I'm trying to add mouse handlers to images on the canvas but I can't do this. After drawing an image handler not working. What I really want to do is to put images on the canvas hexagonal map and to add handlers to all hexagons. Any help?
Of cause I can use canvas handler and handle mouse events by hex coordiantes but it seems too complicated. It becomes more complicated if I'm trying to drag&drop an image from one canvas to another...

    Context2d context;
    Image img = new Image(PATH_IMG);
    img.addLoadHandler(new LoadHandler() {
            public void onLoad(LoadEvent event) {
                img.addMouseDownHandler(new MouseDownHandler() {
                    public void onMouseDown(MouseDownEvent event) {
                context.drawImage(, 100, 50);

    public void drawContextImage(Context2d context, Image image, HexagonCoordinatesDTO coords) {
        image.addMouseDownHandler(new MouseDownHandler() {
                    public void onMouseDown(MouseDownEvent event) {
        CanvasPattern pattern = context.createPattern((CanvasElement), "repeat");

        context.moveTo(coords.getPoint1(), coords.getPoint1_2());
        context.lineTo(coords.getPoint2(), coords.getPoint2_2());
        context.lineTo(coords.getPoint3(), coords.getPoint3_2());
        context.lineTo(coords.getPoint4(), coords.getPoint4_2());
        context.lineTo(coords.getPoint5(), coords.getPoint5_2());
        context.lineTo(coords.getPoint6(), coords.getPoint6_2());
        context.lineTo(coords.getPoint_end1(), coords.getPoint_end1_2());

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