Friday, August 31, 2018

Re: How to write RPC services that don't inherit RemoteService?

Your interfaces need to extend RemoteService, otherwise the GWT.create() will fail; so I don't think what you're trying to do would be possible…

It might be possible to create those proxies programmatically though using java.lang.reflect.Proxy, binding everything together through reflection and Spring BeanFactory/ApplicationContext, and even generating the GWT interfaces automatically from the non-GWT ones (public interface ExampleService implements ExampleServiceStub, RemoteService {})
You'd have to somehow dig into RPC "internals" though, to replace the RemoteServiceServlet behavior to load your beans (there used to be a project named spring4gwt that did this years ago)

(disclaimer: I'm not a Spring user –I don't like Spring–, so I can't help further)

On Friday, August 31, 2018 at 3:13:56 PM UTC+2, Douglas de Oliveira Mendes wrote:

I have a bunch of service interfaces in a jar. They don't extend RemoteService interface. Their server side implementations are currently spring remoting stubs (HttpInvokerProxyFactoryBean).

[browser side] <---RPC---> [server side] <---Spring remoting (http invoker)---> [actual service implementations with business rules and all]

I wish to use these interfaces (or their async versions) client side on GWT enabling compile time verifications. Currently I have dumb server side implementations that delegate all the calls. Like this:

public class ExampleServiceImpl implements ExampleService {
private ExampleServiceStub exampleServiceStub;
int doSomething() {
return exampleServiceStub.doSomething();

I would like to get rid of the above class. Ideas? Something better than overriding RPC.decodeRequest method? Maybe it's something that has already been done...


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