Saturday, May 5, 2018

value function in GSS and math formulas

I've been struggling forever with a simple task of using size properties of an image as a constant in my ClientBundle managed .css file. Every time I have to calculate an offset based on some image width or height, I'm forced to involve ugly @eval. And with GSS things haven't become easier. My hope is that it was just me being blind in a search for a decent TOC of either GSS or full syntax of first generation CssResource-style .css files.

Here's a snippet:

@def POPUP_LOGGER_TOP_TAILS_HEIGHT value('popupLoggerTopTails.getHeight', 'px');
@def POPUP_LOGGER_RED_BUTTON_HEIGHT value('popupLoggerRedButton.getHeight', 'px');

I get this error: popup-logger.gss[line: 54 column: 42]: Size must be a CssNumericNode with a unit or 0; was: popupLoggerTopTails().getHeight() + "px"

Obviously I'm using value wrong. Here's an excerpt from
  • value("bundleFunction.someFunction[.other[...]]" [, "suffix"]) substitute the value of a sequence of named zero-arg function invocations. An optional suffix will be appended to the return value of the function. The first name is resolved relative to the bundle interface passed to An example:
     .bordersTheSizeOfAnImage {     border-left: value('leftBorderImageResource.getWidth', 'px') solid blue;   }  
Now when it comes to GSS and the math functions:

Each of these functions can take a variable number arguments. Arguments may be purely numeric or CSS sizes with units (though mult() and divide() only allow the first argument to have a unit).

So technically this divide(add("15px", "10px"), 2) should work.

But instead of "15px" I get this this: popupLoggerTopTails().getHeight() + "px". Looks like a waste of opportunity. Completely unusable and counterintuitive design. It's not a value function. It's a string concatenation function. To become a value function it has to be already evaluated to "15px" at this point.

But I'm sure it's just yet another time when I got confused due to a lack of accessible use case examples. This code snippet at

@def SPRITE_WIDTH value('imageResource.getWidth', 'px') .selector { width: SPRITE_WIDTH; }

is literally the best example we ever had, which ironically contains a missing ";" after ")" syntax error.

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