Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Re: JSON object to AutoBean via JSNI in DevMode

Use native JSON.stringify through JSNI?
The problem with com.google.gwt.json is that it creates a lot of objects and uses a lot of JSNI which slows down DevMode.

Ok JSON.stringify helps quite a bit. Now its basically

if (GWT.isScript()) {
  dataBean = AutoBeanCodex.decode(factory, Data.class, (JsoSplittable) getDataAsJsoFromJSNI());
} else {  
  //JsoSplittable is @GwtScriptOnly so we need something different for DevMode
  dataBean = AutoBeanCodex.decode(factory, AppInitData.class, getDataAsStringFromJSNI());

(side note: the data you get from the page is JS, not JSON; JSON is a serialization format, if you have objects, then it's JS, possibly expressed as JS literals; this is one reason why JSON-P is completely misnamed: there's no JSON in JSON-P, at all)

Yeah of course I get a JSO. Just a bad habit when naming it directly JSON.

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