Friday, July 26, 2013

Re: push data from server to clients


I also had such a requirement and I tried some libraries providing special technologies for this purpose (Comet, WebSockets, etc.). However, none of these libraries was "light-weight", because they provided a lot of funcitionality that I did not need.

Now I realized it using a polling technique: The clients make a server call every 3 seconds requesting the next event. The server maintains event queues for every client that made such a call within the last period of time (1 hour). If something happens on the server, a new event is created and put into the queues of the listening clients.

This solution works perfectly for me. I am sure, I could increase the polling frequency without problems, and I also believe that the special technologies like Comet do not provide much more realtime handling, because there are many disturbing factors (network traffic, server load, etc.).


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