Sunday, July 28, 2013

Re: gwt-site doesn't build?

On Sunday, July 28, 2013 5:49:15 PM UTC+2, salk31 wrote:
yuk. PegDown processor is non-deterministic!? Turns out my laptop and linux server are too slow to compile gwt-site.

Sorry for wasting your time Thomas. I was reading the error message in order and thought "[ERROR] org.pegdown.ParsingTimeoutException" must be spurious.

I've patched my local version so it compiles. Maybe a note in docs about this error or a ticket to possibly change the code?

Sorry again for not posting the important error message. Using a timeout like this is new to me.

Oh wow, more than 2 secs (the default timeout) for processing a file?!
Can you do any reasonable Java development in these conditions?

That said, I agree the default behavior of PegDown should be no timeout, and maybe we should use Integer.MAX_VALUE in gwt-site (AFAICT, the timeout cannot be turned off; created an issue for it:
Feel free to propose such a change in Gerrit, we'll see what Daniel thinks of it.

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