Friday, September 16, 2022

Re: GWT 2.10.0 release

Thank you. Greatly appreciate the update and all the work.


On Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 12:16:50 PM UTC-4 wrote:
I'm very happy to announce the release of GWT 2.10.0. This is the first release using our new groupId, org.gwtproject, and the final release using If you resolve dependencies from Maven Central, please be certain that your project is using (or org.gwtproject:gwt) as a BOM, so that you are certain to have consistent versions of gwt-user and gwt-dev, even across groupIds.

For this release, either groupId will work, but future releases will only be made on the org.gwtproject groupId.


  • Updated to HtmlUnit 2.55.0 and Jetty 9.4.44. With this newer HtmlUnit build comes support for Promise in unit tests, and the browser strings that can be specified when running tests are "FF", "Chrome", "IE" (for IE11), "Edge", and "Safari".

  • Tested support for running on Java 17, dropped remaining support for running on Java 7.

  • Maven groupId is formally changed to org.gwtproject, projects should take care to make sure they are using either the old BOM or the new org.gwtproject:gwt BOM to sure that Maven or Gradle correctly handle this change. This will be the last published version using the groupId.

  • Dropped support for IE 8, 9, and 10.

Bug fixes
  • Correct Long.hashCode semantics
  • Support CLASSPATH environment variable when creating child processes, fixing a bug where Windows could fail with a long list of arguments.
  • Use instead of displayName to support visible method names in Chrome 93+.
  • Allow stack traces to be available in Chrome when loading scripts from a remote origin.
JRE Emulation
  • Added OutputStreamWriter emulation.
  • Support StringReader mark() and reset() methods.
  • Added StrictMath emulation.
  • Added BufferedWriter emulation.
  • Added incomplete PrintStream emulation.
  • Add Charset.defaultCharset() emulation.
  • Improve BigInteger emulated performance.
  • System.nanoTime() emulation with
  • Added Optional.isEmpty emulation.
  • JRE Emulation improvements/simplifications to facilitate J2CL's WASM support. Note that these do not always offer specific improvements to GWT itself, but helps to keep the codebases consistent.
  • Add support to compile GWT itself in Java 9+.
  • Improve compiled code size for applications that never use streams, by avoiding referencing streams from Throwable.

For more detail, see the commit log.

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