Thursday, September 29, 2022

Re: getThreadLocalRequest.getSession null

Your question lacks some details.  You talk about two servers, but don't tell us if they are active-active, or just running one server at a time.

If they are active-active, we'd need to know how you are doing your session replication between then servers.

If you are only running one server at a time, then Jens reply is a good idea.

I personally prefer to handle sessions myself, with a cookie and a memcache (yes, not really sessions at all), so I can easily scale.  But that's just a little side note.  :)

Either way, this outside of GWT's responsibilities, but still happy to help.

On Thursday, 29 September 2022 at 6:24:33 pm UTC+10 Jens wrote:
Use your browser dev tools to inspect the network request. You should check if server B sends back a session id cookie and that this session id cookie is transmitted back to the server for the second method that does getSession(false). If it doesn't or the session is already invalidated (either through code or through session timeout configuration on server B) then getSession(false) will return null.

-- J. schrieb am Mittwoch, 28. September 2022 um 12:21:36 UTC+2:
I have a gwt app that is running when deployed on tomcat on server A
For some reason the same app when is deployed on tomcat on a server B has a session issue

We have Method 1 and Method 2 inside a servlet that extends RemoteServiceServlet

We have a method1 in which we do:
this.getThreadLocalRequest.getSession(true).setAttribute("myuserid", myuserid)

Then in a second method we do
which throws a null pointer exception as getSession retuns null

It is strange as this only happens on the server B
I have verified the tomcat config files like context.xml files and they are identical

I have printed currentThread.gtId() inside both methods and they are different but as said no issue on server A.

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