Thursday, July 1, 2021

Re: GWT 2.9, JDK 11 project upgrade issue: HTTP ERROR: 503: SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE

Jens, Thanks very much for your help! We'll follow the instructions in the guide you provided for further configuration. have a great rest of the week! Jenny

On Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 4:42:45 PM UTC-5 Jens wrote:
Currently, I'm working on installing WebLogic server 14 my in Eclipse for local deployment, however, I'm not sure if this is a better way for our local development as I don't have much experience with Weblogic server. The production WebLogic server on Linux is maintained by another group.  

Would Jetty or Tomcat server be a better choice in terms of easy configuration etc.? If so, we should install the latest version, right?

If your server side code does not need a complete Java EE 8 server then you could also use Jetty/Tomcat. Since WebLogic 14 supports Servlet API 4.0 your Jetty/Tomcat version should also support it. So for Jetty you would choose Jetty 10.x.

Jetty is relatively easy to configure, all you need to do is activating the modules/plugins you need. To deploy a *.war file to Jetty you would need the server, http and deploy module. You can basically do the quick setup in their documentation:

If you don't want to copy your war file into the jetty-base/webapps folder you could instead place a xml file into that folder which tells jetty where to find the *.war file, see: . Since Jetty can deploy exploded war folders that xml file could point directly to C:/Users/jiny/gitTestUpgrade/aries/war

-- J.

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