Saturday, July 17, 2021

[ANN] Akasha: Typed Browser API version 0.14 released

Akasha is a typed browser API layer that is always up to date with the latest web specifications.

The release includes 75 non breaking API changes and 285 breaking API changes.

Changes in this release:

* Update the `Permissions` spec to the `W3C Working Draft, 13 July 2021` version. This updated the set of valid values for the `PermissionName` enum.
* Update the `Resource Timing Level 2` spec to the `W3C Editor's Draft 15 July 2021` version. This corrected the type of the `PerformanceResourceTiming.nextHopProtocol` attribute to match the browser implementations but should have no visible impact on the generated API.
* Update the `WebCodecs` spec to the `W3C Working Draft, 17 June 2021` version. This updated the structure of the `EncodedVideoChunkMetadata` dictionary that is used when defining an optional callback when constructing an instance of `VideoEncoder`.
* Update the `Content Security Policy Level 3` spec to the `W3C Working Draft, 29 June 2021` version. This refined the parameters passed to the constructor of the `SecurityPolicyViolationEvent` type.
* Update the `CSS Object Model` spec to the `Editor's Draft, 7 July 2021` version. This defined a constructor that can be used to create instances of the `CSSStyleSheet` type.
* Update the `HTML Living Standard` spec to the `14 July 2021` version. This added back valid definitions for the deprecated `Plugin` and `MimeType` types as well as adding several minor updates to align with features implemented in modern browsers.
* Update the `WebGPU` spec to the `W3C Working Draft, 15 July 2021` version. This change included renaming the context type (again!) from `GPUPresentationContext` to `GPUCanvasContext` and ensuring it is typed as an `OffscreenRenderingContext` and a `RenderingContext`. Several other smaller changes were made to the spec and the chrome canary browser version now aligns with this version of the spec.
* Annotate several union types with the `[MarkerType]` extended attribute. This changed the way these types are implemented in the java binding by converting them into marker interfaces. The union types modified:
- `CanvasImageSource`
- `GPUBindingResource`
- `GPUError`
- `HTMLOrSVGImageElement`
- `HTMLOrSVGScriptElement`
- `ImageBitmapSource`
- `ImageBufferSource`
- `MessageEventSource`
- `PasswordCredentialInit`
- `ReadableStreamReader`
- `ReadableStreamController`
- `OffscreenRenderingContext`
- `XRWebGLRenderingContext`
This change also resulted in the `WindowProxy` typedef being converted into a marker interface.

To learn more about Akasha and get started:


The Akasha Team

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