Thursday, August 27, 2020

Re: EMF with GWT and serialize problems

Thanks for your help. I don't understand this sentence " Also if you do not transfer RequirementImpl directly but instead an interface that RequirementImpl implements, then GWT Compiler needs to see the class+source of RequirementImpl so it can treat RequirementImpl as a possible concrete type that might be transferred. " What do you understand?

What I meant is that you might not use RequirementImpl directly as a field type if RequirementImpl implements an interface. For example it you have 

interface Requirement extends Serializable {


class RequirementImpl implements Requirement {

class SomeClassToTransferWithGWT implements Serializable {
private Requirement requirement;


then RequirementImpl must be visible to the GWT compiler.

I had also read stuff on whiteList but I don't understand what means this WhiteList? Do you know this?

Whitelist is just the list of classes that GWT-RPC allows to transfer. It is generated by GWT by looking at the classes reachable from your GWT-RPC service. To add something explicitly to the "whitelist" you need to add a new dummy method to your GWT-RPC service that uses the classes you want to add to the whitelist as parameter or return type.

-- J. 

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