Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Re: EMF with GWT and serialize problems

RequirementImpl must implement serializable, needs to have a default constructor (visibility does not matter), no final fields and there must be at least one serializable type found for each field that can be assigned to that field (which must meet the same requirements). Also if you do not transfer RequirementImpl directly but instead an interface that RequirementImpl implements, then GWT Compiler needs to see the class+source of RequirementImpl so it can treat RequirementImpl as a possible concrete type that might be transferred. 

Have you double checked these requirements? 

-- J.

Am Dienstag, 25. August 2020 17:11:53 UTC+2 schrieb Guillen Antonio:
HI all,

I use GWT 2.81 and EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) when i want send from the server to the client an object of my model, I obtain this final error: Type 'com.lacen.organisation.impl.RequirementImpl' was not included in the set of types which can be serialized by this SerializationPolicy or its Class object could not be loaded. For security purposes, this type will not be serialized.: instance = com.lacen.organisation.impl.RequirementImpl@2fa144e7 (name: Fkygrdphgf)

I have tried to understand how to use serializationWhitelist but I have no clear example.  The class RequirementImpl contains List, so I tried to create ArrayList with the good type, but same pb.

Can you help me, at least give me where found a claer explanation.

Tanks a lot
Antonio Guillen

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