Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Re: New Presentation about Modern GWT Webapp Development

Hi Thomas,

thanks a lot for the review. I updated following:

(1) Slide 18: updated with your content

(2) Slide 20: I let the slide 20 the same but I inserted a slide 23, which said "... more than two connections..."

(2.1) I also add a slide 24 about <script async> and <script defer>

(3) Slide 23 now 25: I updated the infos just like what you said with the examples but I let the name "one-to-one". I feel it is the big difference between GWT and J2CL. 
  • In GWT you have all the Java files transpiled to one JS (after linker) which is optimized ("many-to-one", although it is not really one... permutations). 
  • In J2CL you have one Java file each transpiled to one / two or more JS.
I would really appreciate all the reviews 🙏 

Thanks a lot,

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