Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Re: Is GWT 3.0 /GWT 2.9 dead?

It has always been said that GWT is active when similar questions are asked in the forum.
However, given that the last version, 2.8.2, was released on Oct 19, 2017 and was a bugfix for the 2.8.0 version, released on Oct 20, 2016, I can't see it as "active".
At least it smells bad!
Even the 1.0 release of Elemental can't be used, because it requires newer components than the pre-packaged version.
It is a sad thing, because I work on a large project using GWT since its 1.5.0 version, and our project is actively developed and still evolving.
I hope GWT 2.9 is out "soon", because we're planning to switch to Java 11 in the coming months, and it would be a burden to maintain a separated Java version only for the frontend part (been there, done that with Java 8).
The fact is that since Google left the project, things are way too slow.
Understandable, as it is based on best effor from the brave developers, but still disheartening.
Still, I don't loose hope that GWT will be still maintained.

Em terça-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2020 12:08:40 UTC-3, Jeff Zemsky escreveu:
Frank - Thanks for the reply, but it would be good to understand the plans to complete the GWT 2.9 release - particularly with reference to Java 11 support.  Any insight there?

On Monday, January 27, 2020 at 4:23:09 AM UTC-5, Frank Hossfeld wrote:
Atm the community is very active. We are working on GWT modules: replacing generators and JSNI, testig the migraed moules against J2CL, etc.
Besides that, many new frameworks are evolving.

Take a look at this rooms:
to get more infos.

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