Sunday, August 25, 2019

[ANN] (Unofficial) Elemental2 2.26 release

Elemental2 provides type-checked access to browser APIs for Java
code. This is done by using closure extern files and generating
JsTypes, which are part of the new JsInterop specification that
is implemented in both GWT and J2CL.

This is an unofficial release to Maven Central under a different groupId.
Please don't bug the original authors. Versions are released on demand.

API Changes relative to Elemental2 version 2.25

  API Differences:
  - 1 non breaking changes.
  - 3 potentially breaking changes.
  - 1 breaking changes.
  API Differences:
  - 33 non breaking changes.
  - 65 potentially breaking changes.
  - 30 breaking changes.

The complete set of Elemental2 API differences is available at

The Maven dependencies can be added to your pom.xml via


where artifact-id is one of

* elemental2-core
* elemental2-dom
* elemental2-promise
* elemental2-indexeddb
* elemental2-svg
* elemental2-webgl
* elemental2-media
* elemental2-webstorage
* elemental2-webassembly

Hope this helps,

Peter Donald

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