Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Error When Calling java method via JSNI - Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined

GWT 2.8.0

I am pulling my hair out with this error.  Hoping someone can help.  I am calling a Java method (in a GWT class) from an external javascript file.  I've done this without issue with several other java calls.  However, when I make the call from javascript to GWT and try to pass any parameters from javascript to the GWT method via JSNI, I get a cryptic error that I am unable to trace.

Javascript function  (used this same pattern on multiple occasions without issue)
function openJobDetailsDialog(){
this.displayJobDefinitionDialog("1", "2", "3");

GWT methods:

public native void displayJobDefinitionDialog(String jobId, String jobType, String serviceId) /*-{
$wnd.displayJobDefinitionDialog = $entry(@com.function.operation.Class::handleJobDefinition(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)(jobId, jobType, serviceId));
public static void handleJobDefinition(String jobId, String jobType, String serviceId) {
if(jobId != null) {
MessageDialog.MessageOk("", "handleJobDefinition for jobId: " + jobId + " jobType: " + jobType + " serviceId: " + serviceId, null);   //utility method to help with debugging

                        //other logic here......

If I remove the parameters (Ljava/lang/String;) from the the handleJobDefinition() method, it gets called fine and the MessageDialog utility class displays the message I expect to see.  Adding the parameters to the calls does NOT result in a compile error.  However, after adding the parameters to the calls, I see the following at runtime:

com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined
=>Unknown.apply_0() at com.function.operation.tes.TES-0.js[-1]
=>Unknown.entry0_0() at com.tidalsoft.webclient.tes.TES-0.js[-1]
=>Unknown.anonymous() at com.tidalsoft.webclient.tes.TES-0.js[-1]
=>Unknown.openJobDetailsDialog() at http://localhost:8081/client/businessViews.js[-1]

I've tried removing the "$wnd.displayJobDefinitionDialog =" from the displayJobDefinitionDialog call and while that does compile, I get an error indicating that the function cannot be found (which makes perfect sense).  

The GWT documentation is a little sparse in this area.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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