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Re: JSInterop and "JSON.stringify" method return "Converting circular structure to JSON"

I misunderstood the documentation... ty for the clarification Thomas can you give me some confirmations.

The Date issue, When you say to use the JsDate do you mean the one in the elemental2 package (elemental2.core.JsDate) or in the gwt core ( ?

So for the Date issue i just enough to replace this code :

@JsProperty public native Date getDataRepertorioDocumento();


@JsProperty public native void setDataRepertorioDocumento(Date dataRepertorioDocumento);



@JsProperty public native JsDate getDataRepertorioDocumento();


@JsProperty public native void setDataRepertorioDocumento(JsDate dataRepertorioDocumento);


Right ?


For the "List" and "Map" problem, i will probably try to use some @JsOverlay instead to use a second argument  on the JSON.stringify by the way can you point me out some example (i'm not very skilled with this library) ? 
Also I found this project updated for GWT 2.9.0 and java 11 . it's seem goof enough for my use case,  i'll try out and let you know it. 

Il giorno mercoledì 22 maggio 2024 alle 11:50:10 UTC+2 Vassilis Virvilis ha scritto:
or passing a @JsFunction to JSON.stringify() as its second argument

I wish I knew that some time before...
Vassilis Virvilis

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