Wednesday, November 8, 2023

running gwt server code on apache

On my development machine I test my code in jetty. The client code calls a server to get the client ip address. This works fine and I see a server at localhost:8080/foo/bar as I expect. If I browse to it I get a 405 as GET request are not allowed, but that's not a problem as it does the job it's supposed to do ie pass request address back to client code.

It does not work in production were the code is run on apache; the server is not created as on jetty, so that's not unexpected. I first suspicion was that modsecurity is preventing the creation of the server, but that proves to be not so. I also see the same failure over http as over https.

I have a pretty basic apache2 setup on debian (apart from adding modsecurity) and the site config is pretty bog standard for both http and https. I'm guessing I need to tweak something somewhere to allow the server to be created?

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