Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Reg: Service URL manipulation in the request payload

Hello Team,

I've a question on GWT RPC request payload. We know that request payload has service URL along with other data pertains to the remote method.

the testing team is using burb tool to manipulate the payload and giving a different URL like instead of, if we give ''.

1. Would the request be routed to DNS server since the payload has ? 
2. Does GWT RPC make any DNS call to this manipulated URL while processing the request from client ?
3. With manipulated URL in the payload,  Does the request still reach the actual/original endpoint of the service (remote servlet) ?

To my knowledge, the URL in the request payload is not used for invoking the remote method, it is just for reference purpose only.

Kindly let me know how the url in the payload used while processing the client request.

Request Payload:
  1. 7|0|8||E5CFE27DD53BDBE4521FDBFC1A038618||logOnServer|java.util.logging.LogRecord/2492345967|INFO|Taking 45 milliseconds to layout 3932|com.mydomain.gwt.client.Layout|1|2|3|4|1|5|5|6|7|8|V1kCRyY|0|

Note: remote method exposed using RemoteServiceServlet. Request mapping done in web.xml.


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