Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Re: com.ait.toolkit.core.Core not found in Gwt-tour

Looking at my code.

It seems that I also had troubles getting this to work. I actually copied code from the GWT-tour project in my own project.
Also looking at the code I see this is using JSNI. If this is a new project, you probably want to avoid using JSNI in favor of JsInterop.

I could not found any JsInterop library for hopscotch, so best bet is to create it yourself, or look for another library which does the same thing. Or create your own pure GWT library doing this...

Op dinsdag 22 augustus 2023 om 15:58:54 UTC+2 schreef Frank:
I think gwt-tour is part of Ahome as far as I know.

Have you had this working in the past and if so what change broke it?
What version of GWT are you using? I have this working in GWT2.9.0...

Op donderdag 17 augustus 2023 om 14:45:22 UTC+2 schreef Colin Alworth:
I'm broadly aware that gwt-tour exists (though it hasnt had an update in 8 years), but I don't see any com.ait packages or references in it. On the other hand, I think com.ait.toolkit.core refers to https://github.com/dikalo/ahome-core/, which is a different thing entirely. It appears that ahome-core shadows a few GWT classes, which likely makes it incompatible with newer GWT versions - did you recently update GWT version and then start having this issue?

On Thursday, August 17, 2023 at 7:11:43 AM UTC-5 prasenji...@altizon.com wrote:
GWT Module com.ait.toolkit.core.Core not found in project sources or resources

in Gwt-Tour library HopScotch.gwt.xml has inherited com.ait.toolkit.core.Core which is not found bye goal org.codehaus.mojo:gwt-maven-plugin

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