Monday, December 21, 2020

Re: Our 10+ year journey with GWT (+ job opening)

Hi Alex,

Same story here. I have been working with GWT since it first came out. For our current project we again opted for GWT because we share a lot of code between client and server and productivity is high.

I'm not available at the moment (maybe end of next year)… but living in Belgium/Leuven I don't think that is doable. Relocation is not an option. Good luck finding people, there are not a lot on the market.

On 20 Dec 2020, 16:16 +0100, 'Alexander Bertram' via GWT Users <>, wrote:

Dear all, 

I hope this email isn't too off-topic, but I wanted to share an opening for a job on our team with a large GWT component.

The first version of our product, ActivityInfo, a data collection and analysis platform for humanitarian relief, was built with GWT, GXT and Google Gears in 2009 and seriously would not have been possible without GWT. 

In 2018, nearly 10 years later, we looked at the amazing js ecosystem and considered moving to Typescript or Elm.

Instead, we decided to keep the bits that we loved about GWT: the typesafety, code-reuse with the server, i18n, code splitting, linkers, and the amazing compiler, and add SCSS for styles and our own port of Preact + rxJava-like reactivity for dom manipulation using Elemental2.

Three years after the start of ActivityInfo 4.0 we couldn't be happier with the choice, and are more productive than ever. 

If you're an experienced GWT developer that would enjoy the challenge of a working on a modern GWT codebase, I hope you'll consider joining our team!


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