Monday, March 16, 2020

GWT 2.8.2 and IntelliJ IDEA

HI all,

I wonder if anyone is using Intellij and GWT 2.8.2. I 've literally found nothing about this topic.

My problem is that whenever i want to start and debug my application, it fails because the buildin Jetty-server runs with the wrong version 9.2 instead of 9.4.

The solution is to use a run configuration with a dedicated Jetty server. This is possible  with the "Jetty Runner"-IntelliJ-Plugin which uses Jetty version 9.4. 
Unfortunately, when I run this configuration in the context of my GWT 2.8.2 project, for some reasons the wrong jetty version is started: 9.2 which is located somewher in gwt-dev-xxx.jar

Any idea how to fix this? Or I'm forced to switch to Eclipse?

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