Monday, December 2, 2019

Re: [ANN] (Unofficial) GWT 2.8.2-v20191108 release


I was able to use them in my Maven build. Only my IDE, IntelliJ doesn't pick them up. Do you if it is possible to use these as the compiler in IntelliJ?

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Nick S.

On Monday, 11 November 2019 04:20:20 UTC+1, Peter Donald wrote:
GWT is a development toolkit for building and optimizing complex
browser-based applications. Its goal is to enable productive
development of high-performance web applications without the
developer having to be an expert in browser quirks,
XMLHttpRequest, and JavaScript. It's open-source, completely
free, and used by thousands of developers around the world.

This is an unofficial release to Maven Central with the groupId
prefixed with "org.realityforge.". The intent is to get the current
version of GWT into more people's hands earlier. Please don't bug
the GWT project. Versions are released on demand.

The one significant difference in the way that it has been packaged
is to release the jsinterop-annotations artifact with the coordinate

For most Maven users, it should be sufficient to update your
dependency declarations to something like:


Hope this helps,

Peter Donald

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