Thursday, November 21, 2019

PatternFly Java

Hi all,

I'm working on a GWT version of PatternFly [1]. PatternFly [2] is an open source design system built to drive consistency and unify teams. It's open source and sponsored by Red Hat. 

PatternFly comes with a set of design guidelines and components. There's support for plain HTML / CSS and React. PatternFly Java adds support for GWT. Currently only a subset of the PatternFly components is implemented. But I'm planning to add support for more / all components in the coming months.

PatternFly Java heavily depends on Elemento [3] and tries to support an API which is both easy to use and flexible enough to address special use cases. There's also a showcase [4] which demonstrates the current status.

I'd love to get feedback especially about the API design. Please file your ideas, critics and any other feedback as GitHub issues under [5].



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