Friday, April 26, 2019

Re: GWT upgrade with com.extjs:gxt

Or you can also consider to migrate to SmartGWT - it still has LGPL license

середа, 10 квітня 2019 р. 07:48:18 UTC+2 користувач medasani kesavi написав:

I currently have a project which is using  GWT 2.4.0 with extjs  GXT 2.2.5. We are planning to upgrade the project to utilise GWT lastest version 2.8.2 and JDK 1.8. However  upon initial analysis it is evident that GWT 2.8.2 is only compatible with sencha GXT 4 versions. I came across which says we can continue to use GWT 2.8.2 along with jdk 1.8 with extjs gxt itself.

I am also using multiple other gxt jars like uibinder,gxt-guava etc

Could some one please provide pointer on this.

If I need to migrate to sencha GXT completely, would i need to rewrite the UI again?

Please assist

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